Hello WP

Today is January 16, 2017 and a few more pictures have been added to some of the acting pages.  Still sorting through the old pictures for primary, original design and uploads.  Trying to find the best of the past.  Will clean up and add newer pics later. Goal is to get pages operational and not empty.

Today is January 12, 2017 and to start the new year we are starting a new page.  Bear with us folks.  We’ll have this page built as quickly as we can.

Martin is presently working hard on the Times Past Entertainment page so t is mostly CC working on the page.

Today I have created the ‘A Look Back‘ page.  I used this page to experiment with the different galleries and try out some looks.  I’ll return back to it to fix and fill parts in but for now I think I will go to work on another page.  -CC