A Look Back

In 1987, at a Dr. Who convention in Toronto, ON, Canada, these two meet.  Christina a big city girl and Martin a small town farm boy.

They hit it off right away.  It didn’t take long before Martin had moved to Toronto to be with Christina and a whole life went on from there.  Their history is so filled with adventures and stories, their history would need a whole page to itself.  This video was created for their 25th Wedding Anniversary:

Or how about a small selection in photos:

VERY LONG story short:  They got married in 1991 at the Guild Inn, Pursued careers, and moved across country to Vancouver, BC, Canada.  They even had a second wedding on their 10th anniversary (Back at the Guild Inn) AND another on their 20th (out here on the Westcoast).

And continue to be creative, active and married.  Recently they celebrated their 25th Anniversary in both Toronto and Vancouver.

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