The Two Of Us

So what makes the two of us who we are?  Let us tell you.

Archery:  Great for the posture and the muscles.

Renfests:  As much as they are somewhere for us to be performers at, many of them are still just the best place on Earth to be at.

Science Fiction and Fantasy:  Our jobs may be connected to this as well but it remains at the core of our identity.

Animals:  Whether it is Horseback riding, Kitty cats of all sizes, the intellectual crow or the sleek dolphin.  Even reptiles and dinos can be included on our list of interesting creatures to explore..  Animals are a major part of our lives and therefore a focus of much interest.

Photography and Videography:  Another form of artistic expression not to be ignored.

Ghosts, spirits and the Supernatural:  It is amazing some of the stories and experiences had by many.

History:  All that we are today comes from the worlds of the past.  To ignore history is to ignore tomorrow.

Culture:  Much the same can be said of Culture as already stated about History.